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About Naxos
Naxos, the enchanting island of the Cyclades with natural beauty and placed in the heart of the Aegean sea. Naxos has the cosmopolitan atmosphere of a modern tourist resort but at the same time has kept its traditional colour and local culture. Even though the island has considerable tourist development it is not dependant on the tourist trade, the locals engage in other industries such as agriculture, farming and marble quarrying.  
Visitors wanting to learn about the island, its culture and its day to day lifestyle should explore inland where visitors are more than welcome and treated as honourable guests. Naxos has many choices all year round from the different periodic historical interests to intense night life and fun entertainment.
On the island you can find immense sandy beaches that stretch with clear crystal waters, captivating landscapes and a lot of natural beauties. The island offers ideal conditions for those who love water sports, windsurfing is the most popular sport due to the Meltemi winds. For cyclists there are unique routes with beautiful landscapes and for hikers its a real paradise with plenty to explore, the paths meander through the inland villages whilst criss crossing the island.
Naxos is a wonderful island with a vivid tradition and culture that is definitely worth visiting. 
Naxos is 430sq km has a coast line of 148km and is the largest island in the cylades opitimising all things good about the area, its located to the east of Paros and north of Ios and Santorini. Its surrounded to the south by the "small cyclades" islands and to the north the ever popular Mykonos 
When departing the ship you are greeted by a superb town front full of life with shops, cafes, restaurants, tavernas and laid back bars waiting to welcome you. All around the island the beaches are safe and calm with some superb areas for children, across the middle of the island is the high mountain range surrounded by the prosperous soil harbouring the cereals, vegetables and wine. The main source on the island along with marble is Emery which is extracted from the island.  
The winters are cold but not too heavy with the summers being quite warm but have the summer breeze (meltemi)  which creates a fresh atmosphere.  It is reported Naxos was united with the rest of the cyclades by land until the sea level raised significantly and transformed Naxos into an island.

Local Events

The residents of Naxos have maintained the many traditional customs and carnivals of the island. On "meat sunday" young people with masks, wearing capes with hood and belts made of bells dance causing an intense noise, custom says they are given eggs as treats. "Clean Monday" the streets fill with young people playing violins commonly known as Foustanellatoti.
A number of customs are linked to to rural practices such as the seasonal pig slaying, June 23rd the locals burn thorns and other customs dictate walking down three lanes and passing by three churches.
There are also a numnber of local traditions linked to the grapharvest and the making of  rake. As expected Easter sees special traditions, the meal comprises of lamb stuffed with herbs and cheese followed by local songs and dances around the villages.
  Its an extremely well developed island with many entertainment venues offering many different options. Along the capitals harbour front and in the small side streets there are plenty of cafes, bars, and clubs. The dance clubs and bars play an array of different music creating an atmosphere of great fun. The seaside resorts of Plaka, Agios Prokopis, Stelida and Agia Anan also provide a wide selection of nightlife venues.   
Prime - Music bar. Situate on the seafront, Naxos town  
Mojo - Cafe Cocktail bar
Citron - Cafe Bar situated on the seafront, Naxos town
Cream & Coffee Music Bar, situated on the seafront Naxos town
Day Night - Coctail bar located on the seafront Naxos town
Med Bar - Musuc bar situated seafront Naxos town
Ocean - Night club - seafront Naxos town